Who we are and what we do

We are JGH Logística -

We have a team of professionals highly specialised in the logistics sector

JGH LOGISTICA as a company, we have lengthy and extensive experience in the logistics sector, and are sector leaders thanks to a robust business strategy. This strategy is based on a clear customer service focus, a high degree of specialization, on going investment in cutting-edge technologies and our geographical positioning.

Our desire to stand out from the rest has enabled us to meet our main objective: being our customers’ best strategic ally and working for them as a genuine outsourced logistics department, coming up with solutions that are tailor-made and appropriate for their products.

Due to the use of technology in all our processes, we have achieved maximum efficiency in the management of two important aspects of our service: time and security.

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Our Vision

We want to improve the performance of companies that need a logistics base for their operations providing them all our potential


Our Values

Values are an essential part of our corporate culture, bringing to each member of our company the direction to follow


Our Mision

Offering a wide range of services, covering all possible customer requirements efficiently, at an affordable price and excellent service quality.


Our policy

A safe service that meets the legal requirements and specified quality, with full responsibility.

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Quality Policy

In JOSÉ GUILLÉN E HIJOS, S.L., the main objective is to guarantee to our customers an excellent service. In order to, we provide the necessary human and material resources, which together with a complete Integrated Management System, ensure compliance with the main Food Quality and Safety standards, such as:


Cold Storage

We are prepared to provide storage and distribution services for all kinds of cold and frozen products

Room temperature storage

We have facilities for storage at room temperature as well as other related services


We have facilities for storage at room temperature as well as other related services

Mixing Plant

We have an aseptic mixing room in which we provide different services.

Bonded Warehouses

We are authorised by the Customs Office to offer storage of goods with deferred payment of Customs duties, which enables partial dispatches for goods from third countries.

Added Value

We offer a range of personalized services that fit with needs of each client


Prepared for a high volume of work

Our logistics bases

Located in Murcia (Alguazas and Cobatillas) and La Rioja (Agoncillo), Spain

Con una amplia extensión de terreno, nuestras naves están equipada con las últimas tecnologías y preparadas para asumir un alto volumen de trabajo. Saber más

Plot and Space

We have two enclosures in the Region of Murcia, 10 km from Murcia city, and one enclosure in La Rioja, with good accesss and a total of 370.000 m2

Cold Storage

Our facilities have a storage capacity of 250.000 m3 and more than 100.000 pallets in refrigerated and frozen


We have a total constructed area of ​​100.000 m2 distributed between our headquarters in Murcia and La Rioja

Aseptic Unload

We have a tank room with a capacity to process 270,000 liters / day

Storage at room temperatura

We have facilities with a storage capacity of 50,000 m2 at room temperatura



We take the security of your merchandise very seriously and that is why we take all relevant measures to keep everything under control and safe

Control de acceso


We minimize the risks with surveillance staff to prevent the entry of unauthorized people

Always at your disposal

At JGH we are always ready to offer our customers a comprehensive and tailored service

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Se ha obtenido el apoyo de los Fondos Europeos de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) al proyecto MEJORA ENERGÉTICA EN PROCESO DE CONSERVACIÓN DE ZUMOS CONCENTRADOS, consistente en conservar los productos en aséptico a mayor temperatura con un ahorro energético de 118.33 tep/año. Con una inversión realizada de 1.364.900´00 €, siendo el importe de la ayuda de 390.360´00€.

Actuaciones destinadas al fomento de la eficiencia energética y el uso de energías renovables cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) y la Región de Murcia: Auditoria energética determinando el potencial de ahorro energético y evaluando las oportunidades de reducción de la cantidad de energía consumida.